A scientific approach to learning comedy.
A scientific approach to learning comedy.

A scientific approach to learning comedy.

We'll teach you the psychology of comedy and how to blend it with your own natural instincts.


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If you want to learn comedy then where do you start? The most obvious route is to read a book or attend a stand-up comedy course - by a professional comedian.

Whilst these courses and books are filled with valuable insights, the explanations can sometimes be a bit unclear or open-ended. Comedians are often guided by their natural instincts, making it difficult to dissect their comedic genius into precise explanations.

And that's where I come in. I have dedicated many thousands of hours, not to performing comedy. But to understanding how comedy works from a scientific perspective. I spent many years analysing comedians, taking part in comedy workshops, and carefully researching the psychology of humour. I then created my own theory and tested it in the real world. 

This research project began in 2006, when I attended my first improv workshop. As my curiosity for the subject grew, I wanted to come up with my own formula which would answer this key question:

What is happening when we are being naturally funny?

I am excited to share my insight into this fascinating subject. In my video lectures I distil years of research into its key components. Giving you concise explanations and practical tips to guide you on your comedic journey.

Thank you for reading!

James Smith

Playful Indifference Ltd